Sex can be a sensitive subject. It's easy to understand why many men may find it tough to talk about ED with their doctors.

Many men are embarrassed to talk about ED (erectile dysfunction). That fact alone may be the reason that nearly 70% of ED cases are not diagnosed. Talking with your doctor may be easier if you keep these four things in mind:

1. Your doctor has heard concerns like yours before. He or she has had similar discussions with other men over the years

2. Your doctor knows that ED is a real medical condition

3. Your doctor knows that ED can be a warning sign of other health problems

Talking the talk: an important step This section suggests ways to start talking with your doctor about ED. You can learn how to get ready for the discussion and read what to expect during the doctor visit. There's also a helpful list of questions to ask your doctor about treatment choices, such as GIOXIL-36. Learn how GIOXIL-36 can help.

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