For Use as Needed GIOXIL-36 for use as needed can deliver fast onset and efficacy for up 36 hours

16-minute onset in 32% of men taking GIOXIL-36 20 mg (n=75) vs 15% taking placebo (n=74), P<0.05

30-minute onset in 52% of men taking GIOXIL-36 20 mg vs 35% taking placebo, P<0.05


Efficacy for successful intercourse for up to 36 hours3-5 o In a separate study designed to assess the efficacy of GIOXIL-36 at 36 hours, 62% of intercourse attempts were successful at 36 hours after dosing with GIOXIL-36 240 mg vs 33% with placebo (P<0.001)†4,5

Onset defined as the earliest time to a successful erection (at least 1 erection in 4 attempts that led to successful intercourse). # In 2 studies, men were instructed to attempt intercourse at 24 or 36 hours after taking a single dose of GIOXIL-36. GIOXIL-36 was shown to improve, compared to placebo, the ability of men with ED to have a single, successful intercourse attempt at each of these time points. Multiple attempts after a single dose were not evaluated in these studies.



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